Lucien Shapiro



  • BFA, AAU, 2003 

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

  • Fairfax Dorn Projects, Mini Retrospective,  2022
  • Burgerlords film and installation, LA 2021
  • SandBox Award SJICA, 2021 
  • Public Land, Half Full, February 2020 
  • Arvia LA, Residency/Performance/Installation, October 2019 
  • Marfa Capri, Private Moon Performance, Sept. 2019 during Chinati Week 
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, Oculus, 2019 (2 space show) 
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, Becoming One With Ness, performance installation 2019
  • Maia Contemporary, The First And Last Freedom, 2019 
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Solo, 2018 
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, From Ash To Diamonds, 2017 
  • MAIA Contemporary, Urban Obsessions, 2017 
  • Marfa Film Festival, Relics of the World, 2016 
  • 40 City Traveling Performance through USA and Europe, A Fools Journey, 2016 
  • CES Gallery Project Room, The Wore, LA, December 2014 
  • Guerrero Gallery Project Room, Vessel, SF, September 2013 
  • Cassel Gallery, Relics of the New World, SF, August 2012 

Group Exhibitions 


  • Maia Contemporary, Reset, Zona Maco CDMX
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, Lush, NYC
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, Inaugural LA opening, LA 


  • Anno Domini, 20th Anniversary Show, SJ 
  • Maia Contemporary, Zona Maco, CDMX 


  • RVCA SF, Dysfunctional, Window Installation, SF 


  • Maia Contemporary, Deliciosa Monstera, CDMX 
  • Kaaboo, Del Mar Art Project, SD


  • Red Bull House of Art, New Wave, Detroit 
  • Kaaboo Arts and Music, The Giving Tree, SD 
  • Subliminal Projects, Twenty One, LA 
  • Luna Rienne Gallery, Sacred Alchemy, SF


  • Brand Library Art Center, Nexxus, LA 
  • Dimension Gallery, Cloaked Identity, Austin TX 
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, Anew, SF


  • Subliminal Projects, Primitive Future, LA 
  • Kaaboo, Spider in the Belly of the Goat Installation, SD 
  • Full Circle, RVCA Window Installation and Performance, SF 
  • Coachella, GLK Experience Live stage Performance, Coachella 
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, Summer Group Show, SF 
  • Lazarides Edition Series, Hand Made in Retail Space,  London Fecal Face Gallery, Six Degrees, SF 
  • Modern Edan Gallery, Platinum Cheese Curated Show, SF 
  • Hashimoto Contemporary, SuperSonic Electronic Curated Show, SF 
  • Jonathan Levine, The Winter Mitten Society, NYC 


  • Yves Laroche Gallery, Egregore, Montreal 
  • Incline Gallery, Ascension, SF 
  • Guerrero Gallery, Home At Last, SF 
  • New Image Gallery, Natural Balance, LA 
  • Bedford Gallery, Skull Show, Walnut Creek 
  • 111 Minna Gallery, EK Summer, SF 
  • Olive Hyde Gallery, Decked Out, Fremont 
  • Compound Project, Two, Malibu 
  • Ever Gold, 5 year Anniversary,  SF 
  • Varnish, LA Art Show Fair, LA 


  • 111 Minna, Fabulous 50, SF, May 
  • Varnish Fine Art, 10 yr Anniversary, SF, April 
  • This Los Angeles, These Friends, LA, April 
  • Bold Hype, New York, April 
  • Known Gallery, LA, February
  • Gildar Gallery, Group Show Vol. 3, Denver, January


  • Guerrero Gallery, Winter Group Show, SF, December
  • Wonderland SF, Supernatural, SF, November
  • Lequivive, A Show of Heads, Oakland, October 
  • Zero Friends, Group Show, Oakland, July 
  • Varnish Fine Art, The Have and Have Not, SF, April
  • 5 Claude Ln, Days To Come, SF, March 

Published Works 

The Library of Esoterica Witchcraft Taschen, 2021 Fear Collection Ritual a Fools Journey, 260 pg book published by Not a Cult, Nov 2017 Juxtapoz Magazine, Solo Show Feature Hashimoto Contemporary, Nov 2017
Ask Artist, Feature and Interview, June 2016 
Press Democrat, Show Feature and Interview , March 2016 
American Art Collector, Feature and Interview November 2016 
Rogue Habits, Feature and Interview, October 2014 
Juxtapoz Magazine, Studio Feature, September 2014 
Empty Kingdom, Interview, July 2014 
Super Sonic Electronic, Interview, March 2014 
Beautiful Decay, Feature, January 2014 
Juxtapoz Magazine, 12 page Feature, December 2013 
Art Enthusiast, Feature, September 2013 
Art Attacks, Interview, September 2013 
Arrested Motion, Feature, September 2013 

Residencies   Space Program, SF March – April 2022    
CAPRI Marfa Residency, 2019 
ARVIA Residency, October 2019 
Bed Stuy Residency, June 2017   Red Bull House of Art, August 2017 – November 2017


Masked Memoirs, Mount Shasta, 2020
The Bitter and The Sweet, Cakeland LA, 2020
Fuck Love, Ziran V Performance, LA, 2020
ARVIA Dust, Water, Fire Performance, LA, 2019
Marfa Capri Moon Dust Performance, Marfa TX, 2019
Becoming One With Ness Performance, SF, 2019
Object Mark Making Performance, Zona Maco, CDMXZ, 2019
Intention Labyrinth Performance, Zona Maco, CDMX, 2019
Thank You Darkness Thank You Light, Detroit, 2018
Intention Wishbone Ceremony, FT Wayne, 2018
Forgiveness Performance, SF, 2018
Baseball Card Wish Performance, SD, 2017 
Intention Seed Planting, CDMX, 2017
Traveling Fear Collection Ritual, 46 cities across USA and Europe, 2016-2017  
Evolving Work Performance, RVCA and Coachella, 2016 
Fear Relinquish Self, SF, 2016 
Light Collector Ritual Performance, SF, 2015 
Mating Ritual, Yuba River 2014 
The Hunters Moon Print Release Ceremony, SF 2013 
Urban Obsessions, SF 2012 


2020 Mt Shasta School of Sculpture launches as a multidisciplinary project focused on small home objects and one of a kind clothing. Actual school coming soon. (